Analgesic & Anti-Inflammatory

Pain and swelling is everyday problem. Natural oil is absorbed quickly, which can be used as vehicle to transport analgesics, anti-inflammatory, vasodilators, and antipyretic natural medicaments at sight. Safety, quick action is the key factors to win over pain & swelling.

The formulations for external use with synthetic ingredients sometimes pose problems like Allergy, Rashes, Skin complaints, etc. The naturally occurring ingredients are more safe than synthetics. Even problems like staining are very less with natural products.

Herbs have huge untapped potential as a natural remedy for inflammatory conditions. The herbal extract’s many active components have a balancing, equalizing effect on the body.

Normally in oils, liniments, & ointments only Analgesics and Anti inflammatory ingredients are used. But at such sights generally vasoconstriction occurs along with slight increase in temperature. So for better and longer lasting results safe and mild vasodilators and anti pyretic are needed.

Sesame Oil is one the best penetrating vehicle for the human skin. It also improves the strength of the muscles. In fact it’s odour is masked with the help of camphor, which has other useful properties required in such formulations.

So for longer lasting, quick relief, Oil Oleogesic is the formulation of choice. In addition to oil application, fomentation helps for better and faster penetration. With Oil Oleogesic there will not be any staining or blackish, brownish residue on the skin. So it can be applied during daytime also.

Table of Contents

Indications and Application & Use
Safety of the Formulation
Raw Material Testing & Standardization
Finished Product Testing & A Typical Lab Report