Innovative Idea for dispensing: formulation to the individual patient’s need
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Every person has similarities and differences too. Personal habits like eating drinking, thinking, behaving, etc. are also different. So even for similar disease and or indications medicine practitioner has to diagnose and suggest a unique formulation, suitable for the person. Sometimes the formulation may be same but dose might be different. Ready-made formulations cannot fulfill practitioner’s prescription need every time. Doctor should have flexibility to prescribe / prepare his own formula, as and when needed. The modern methods of high volume production offer certainly some advantages like cost, convenience, quality, etc. but have limitations also.

By considering the fact, the doctor has to offer different formulations for every patient or even different formulae for the same patient at different time. To achieve this in olden days a pharmacist was needed for all practitioners.

Most of the formulations are by oral root. And are in solid dosage forms. The advantages are comparatively small dosage, easy to handle, preservation, etc. Tablets, capsules are major contributors in solid dosage forms. Capsules are recent inventions as compared to tables. As compared to tablets, capsules are better in absorption in gut. The tablets require two types of ingredients; one for binding and other is disintegrator, opposite to binding. Normally capsules are composed of particles, which spread easily, as capsule shell disintegrates yielding medicated powder in the stomach.

In view above, we have designed a simple, hand operated, light Nano capsules filling machine for you. It doesn’t require electricity, has lightweight. It is very easy to operate. In one operation it offers 21 filled capsules of nearly same weight. A food grade material of construction is the need of the day to avoid any contamination. It can be cleaned easily using water. At the moment only useful for capsules size ‘0’, but we will develop for other sizes also. For 21 capsules one will require only 5-6 minutes.

Very easy to handle
Light weight
No electricity or any other energy
No moving parts Cleaning by normal tap water