Osteo Arthritis

Modern medicine has not yet found a cure for arthritis, and through the process of trying to find one, it has created an entirely new set of problems. Each year, an estimated 100,000 people are hospitalized and 16,000 patients die from side effects caused by commonly prescribed arthritis medications. (USA 2002) The need for safer treatment methods has inspired an ongoing flurry of research and drug development by pharmaceutical companies.

NSAID’s while helpful to some degree in alleviating the pain of arthritis, certainly have their share of side effects. Even the latest “super aspirins”, which are designed to target only the COX-2 enzymes, may have their drawbacks. In fact by blocking one type of ecosionide, it creates imbalance, which leads to side effects. (Ref: The Arthritis Miracle. Earle Mindell, Penguin Putnam, New York, 2003)

Herbs have huge untapped potential as a natural remedy for inflammatory conditions. The herbal extract’s many active components have a balancing, equalizing effect on the body, bringing pro and anti-inflammatory hormones into proper balance. The antioxidants that occur naturally in the herbs help break the cycle of free radical formation that can be so damaging in chronic inflammation. And what makes herbal extract so much more attractive than NSAID’s is that they can relieve the pain and inflammation of arthritic joints without the common side effects that accompany drugs.

Osteo arthritis: Osteo-arthritis is a common progressive rheumatic disease characterised by degeneration and eventual loss of articular cartilage. It is the most common of the arthritic disorders and is the leading cause of joint pain in middle aged and elderly persons (Hochberg, 1984). Presently, the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are the mainstay in treating this condition; however, they have serious adverse effects and have limitations for long-term therapy (Pearson, 1975; Clive and Stoff, 1984). The immunosuppressive drugs are reserved for rheumatoid arthritis, as are the disease-modifying drugs like the gold salts and cyclophosphamide (O’Duffyand Luthra, 1984). Hence, there is a real need for drugs with good efficacy and a low toxic profile in the treatment of Osteo-arthritis.

Withalil (for osteo-arthritis) has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anabolic and adaptogenic effects. Such immunomoduletory activity could alter immunopathological process with beneficial effects.

The herbo mineral formula contains standardised multi solvent Herbal Extracts. Withalil, an anti rheumatic herbo-mineral preparation, when studied for acute oral toxicity in two species namely rats and mice was found to be nontoxic. Double blind Cross over Clinical studies have indicated decrease in Severity of pain (score), Morning stiffness (minutes), Joint score, Ritche articular index, Disability score & Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (mm/hr), while improving Grip strength (mm Hg).

The formulation is patented in South Africa SA (SA95/00908 DEC 1995) & in India (184508 JAN 2000)

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